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A Concerted Effort Towards Biafra Restoration Is A Duty All Biafran Owe The Motherland



  A Concerted Effort In direction of Biafra Restoration Is A Obligation All Biafran Owe The Motherland At this very time we’re, it’s certainly an error for…

  A Concerted Effort In direction of Biafra Restoration Is A Obligation All Biafran Owe The Motherland

At this very time we’re, it’s certainly an error for any man or girl of Biafra origin, dwelling inside or outdoors Biafraland to maintain quiet over the battle for Biafra restoration. Biafrans have suffered alot of inhumane remedies prior to now, and are nonetheless struggling such right this moment globally. Once we make aware reference to what Biafrans suffered throughout slave commerce and Nigeria civil warfare, each real Biafran with a little bit of conscience would haven’t any purpose to doubt related occurrences are nonetheless repeating in numerous kinds to Ndị Igbo, right this moment.

There was a time in historical past when our ancestors have been compelled, bought and despatched to international lands as slaves. In the present day, Biafrans are been systematically compelled, bought and despatched to international lands via human trafficking, organ harvesting, etcetera. This was not identified amongst our ancestors earlier than the Period of Slave commerce. In keeping with documented document, Biafrans have been the best victims of the slave commerce period, and nonetheless sustaining such document until now. The one manner we will restore the approach to life and dignity our ancestors loved earlier than the Period of slave commerce is thru Biafran restoration.

The Nigeria civil warfare was one other main occasion in historical past that just about led to the extinction of Biafrans, over 3.5 million Biafrans died through the warfare. It was a genocidal warfare initiated, piloted and sponsored by the British Authorities and her allies. This 3.5million is only a typically accepted quantity. The right document numbers about 5million. An finish of the warfare might appear to have been pronounced, however the fact stays that Nigeria and the British are nonetheless terribly warring in opposition to Biafrans. The reason for the key genocides which are happening in Biafraland now continues to be not directly traceable to the British Authorities and her allies, below the Umbrella of preserving Nigeria as one in any respect value, on the detriment of Biafrans. The answer is Biafra restoration. 

Extra pathetic factor is how some Biafrans in Diaspora and inside Nigeria, and in positions the place they’re imagined to be the voice of our folks, fully accepts to stay quiet.  Allow me to ask, you that is able to communicate for our folks in regards to the inhumane remedies they’re dealing with, however refused to talk, what pleasure do you derive from such perspective? Gone are the times of concern of talking the reality earlier than the enemies. The Indigenous Folks Of Biafra(IPOB) below the command and management of the good Liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had made us overcame such concern.

All individuals of Biafra extraction ought to be inspired by the constant nice efforts of IPOB. All effectively positioned Biafrans in Nigeria and Diaspora ought to likewise be challenged to talk for the Biafra folks, regarding what the race is passing via now by the hands of Nigeria, Britain and her allies.

Our pricey Professor Uju Anya spoke out not too long ago for our folks, and all of us noticed the worldwide response her voice bought. If ten or extra Biafrans like her speaks up, the restoration of Biafra as a nation will probably be earlier than anticipated. A concerted effort in direction of the Biafra restoration battle is an obligation all Biafran owe the Motherland.



Written by Nwaeze Goddy

Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Household Writers Press Worldwide

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