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General Caution: Criminals, Criminality Have No Room In IPOB/ESN



 Normal Warning: Criminals, Criminality Have No Room In IPOB/ESN Nnamdi Kanu In a not too long ago launched video announcement by IPOB, which additionally …

 Normal Warning: Criminals, Criminality Have No Room In IPOB/ESN

Nnamdi Kanu

In a not too long ago launched video announcement by IPOB, which additionally has a footage from one of many courtroom outings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, chief of the Indigenous Folks Of Biafra(IPOB), Kanu makes it clear that “he desires Biafraland to be calm and peaceable”, warning that “IPOB is combating to defend Biafrans, to not kill them”.

Due to this fact, for the reason that IPOB chief, who doubles because the Normal Commander of Japanese Safety Community(ESN) has acknowledged such about IPOB/ESN, which he oversees, the query that now beckons for a solution is; the individuals kidnapping for cash, killing Biafrans, robbing Biafrans, etcetera with the identify of IPOB/ESN, who’s their chief, and who’re they taking orders from?

Going by what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stated, it’s apparent that the individuals committing such crimes; kidnapping, raping, killing, organ harvesting and theft usually are not his followers. Therefore, they don’t seem to be IPOB/ESN. IPOB/ESN take orders from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who s their chief and commander.

As additionally voiced within the stated video, this could inform Biafrans that anybody who involves them with any prison tendencies, isn’t from IPOB/ESN.

Positively, such individuals might declare to be IPOB/ESN, however it must be clear to the entire Biafra populace that POB/ESN doesn’t acquire taxes or levies of any type from the general public. Actions of IPOB/ESN are volunterily and sacrificially funded by her keen members worldwide. IPOB/ESN doesn’t snatch automobiles, doesn’t contain in kidnapping, doesn’t contain in writing letters to individuals asking them to pay cash for burial approval or enterprise premises approval or safety levies.

One precept that has ensured the continued existence of such above described IPOB is “command and management”. Biafrans comply with the orders of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and by extension, IPOB Directorate Of States (DOS) to the letter. It’s due to this fact not rocket science to decipher that these criminals are exterior sponsors with predetermined targets.

In respect to this, IPOB/ESN have issued a notification; stating that IPOB/ESN doesn’t know such prison parts as her members. IPOB has additionally issued an official warning to these utilizing IPOB/ESN’s identify to commit such crimes. Such individuals ought to cease now and switch a brand new leaf or face the wrath of IPOB.

For these Biafrans recruited or rented by politicians and exterior forces to make use of IPOB/ESN’s identify to commit crimes, what do you acquire from killing, rapping, snatching of automobiles from Biafrans? Are you serving to to raised or worsen the lives of Biafrans? Allow us to do not forget that blood is thicker than water. Spilling of the blood of our individuals isn’t one of the best. Somewhat, allow us to channel our vitality in direction of the restoration of Biafra (our promised Land). You must know that while you current your self to the enemy to make use of as a software to destroy your individuals over a faux promise of fabric issues, they won’t spare you too as soon as they achieve destroying your individuals. Be clever!

Written by Nwaeze Goddy

Edited by Chibueze Daniel

For Household Writers Press Worldwide

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