Nnamdi Kanu’s Live broadcast on Fulani Agenda in the South – 22nd Jan. 2021 (video)

Nnamdi Kanu throughout his life broadcast on Fri Morning necessitated a Nationwide larger than #EndSARS against what he referred to as Fulani Caliphate and social process, as he exposes Fulani Agenda in the African nation, particularly South, East.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, The Fulani Janjaweed needs to take over the East and South West, that’s why they keep bribing the Governors and Leaders of the South to offer them Lands as they bit by bit takeover.

The IPOB leader added that The Fulani has Fulanised African nation, they overwhelm to overcome

Kanu reacting to the 7-day demand given to Fulani herdsmen in Ondo state to vacate the Forest reserves as the rate increase, urged the Yorubas to square up for his or their right and ne’er permit the Nigerian presidency management them, else the Fulani terrorists would kill a lot of within the state

Kanu said: “Nigeria is AN Muslim state, The Fulanis need to take over the complete south that’s why they keep bribing the southern Leaders with Nigerian presidency, Yoruba presidency and that they can unwisely offer them Land for dwell, that’s however they took over Ilorin in Kwara state.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, Ilorin may be a Yoruba Land however they need emeer rather than Oba. Kanu warned Yorubas to shine their eyes and be a part of IPOB in agitation for freedom because the Fulani Caliphate area unit seriously usurping.

He added that the New Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Obiozor has turned against Biafra as a result of the Fulani is exploitation him to accomplish their agenda due to their stingy interest, adding that Obiozor is that the one United Nations agency that brought Governor Uzodinma to Power.

Kanu slammed Wike for donating N500 Million to Sokoto Government whereas he has not paid pensioners in his state.

Kanu conjointly claimed that the Tanker explosions within the South may be a device of the Fulanis to shrink the South so that they can have enough land to Occupy.

He added that there’s no Biafran army anyplace as claimed by some individuals.

“The Fulanis have taken everything in the African nation, there’s no Hausa man AN emeer within the North, solely Fulanis”

“Whether the Fulani area unit violent criminals or striving terrorists…there is one incontrovertible fact.

The Nigerian government is failing to prevent the bloodshed, and therefore the determined apathy of the international community is aiding and abetting their indifference.”

Kanu urged the $64000 Hausas, Yorubas, to reject the Fulani, incorporate Nationwide Revolution against Injustice, Killings, social process, etc,








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