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PETITION: The Gross Violation Of Biafrans’ Rights Against The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Reason The United Nations Should Prevail On Nigeria



PETITION: The Gross Violation Of Biafrans’ Rights Towards The Common Declaration Of Human Rights, Purpose The United Nations Ought to Pr…

PETITION: The Gross Violation Of Biafrans’ Rights Towards The Common Declaration Of Human Rights, Purpose The United Nations Ought to Prevail On Nigeria 


We humbly tender this petition that the essence of this meeting which has protected human rights with out boundaries since 1945 might intervene on part of Biafra that has endured extinction, and once more on the verge of renewed extinction for anchoring in your esteemed 2007 DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGEONOUS PEOPLE TO SELF-DETERMINATION, and of which her chief’s rights have grossly been violated. 

Biafra possesses no menace to human nature, humanity and human rights. The Nation, Biafra was made species of terror since 1914, Biafra had endured pogroms earlier than the conflict of 1967 genocide towards them that was known as BIAFRA VS NIGERIA WAR. It’s essential to carry to your discover that over 3.5million civilian Biafrans misplaced their lives while one-third of 30,000 of her troopers misplaced their lives.

Up until date, numerous Biafrans are scattered everywhere in the nation known as Nigeria and nations of the world as a result of marginalization with out measure, however we take explicit discover of Biafrans in Nigeria. The sectional terror group known as Boko Haram terrorizes Christians, and by advantage of the 1914 amalgamation of Muhammedian emirates of the North and Christians dominated South, 

Christianity endure terror and are smooth targets. 


In 1967, Biafrans declared their independence as a nation, following the failure of an accord that would have assured a peaceable Nigeria(Aburi Accord), however had been once more re-annexed after a brutal genocide on them, that was adorned with conspiracy of silence from the World. Inside three years of the conflict; by advantage of conflict crimes, Biafrans misplaced over 3.5million lives because of land, sea and air blockade; while kids perished by hunger, girls, civilian males and refugee camps had been the goal goal of Nigerian troopers.

Annihilated, Biafrans had been subjected to slave’s situations, marginalized and left underneath perpetual harsh financial and governmental insurance policies, even whereas the useful resource that sustains the financial system of whole nation(Nigeria) belongs to them.  All effort are to hamper Biafrans’ improvement, subjugate and depart them out of development in an effort to frequently enslave, exploit and hold them down, as their rise would possibly resurgence unbiased state.  Investigations have it that nothing in any respect has been addressed of their land and with immemorial absence of federal authorities presence in Biafraland nor noticed as its federating unit.

This honorable world meeting, UNITED NATIONS in 2007 launched- THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF INDIGEONOUS PEOPLE. Nonetheless, this proper gave authorized backing to all actions of Indigenous Folks. Biafrans tapped into this groundbreaking declaration to hunt their Nation’s independence inside the ambit of this legislation proclaimed by UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN 2007.

In 2012, IPOB was established by Nnamdi Kanu to pursue the self-determination of the individuals of Biafra, as proclaimed by UNITED NATIONS. In 2015 IPOB was duly represented on this planet conference of indigenous peoples. Afterwards, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was formally licensed the chief of IPOB.

In step with the legislation, Radio Biafra was established in substitution of armament; for sensitization, debates and propagation of the Biafran course, a sanctuary of freedom of speech and a banner of fact.  Radio Biafra grew to become Biafrans’ voice and thru the platform, our plight is communicated and cause for our independence additionally to the world at giant.


In June 2021, the chief of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was Kidnapped in Kenya by the Nigerian Secret Police, in collaboration with their Kenyan counterparts. Kanu was tortured, terribly renditioned to Nigeria and detained within the facility of Nigerian Division of State Safety(DSS). 

Courts of competent jurisdiction, together with the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention have ordered for Kanu’s unconditional launch and compensation over the violation on his elementary rights. However, Nigeria authorities executives and DSS have blatantly ignored the orders. Subsequently, Nnamdi Kanu has remained agonisingly incarcerated and subjected to degrading remedies. Let or not it’s additionally recalled that as a matter of reality, the Appellate Court docket of Nigeria in Abuja, clearly pronounced Nnamdi Kanu discharged and acquitted. However, towards this declaration, Nnamdi Kanu is but being held in DSS detention facility. 

Subsequently, it’s expedient right here to quote THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHT AS PROCLAIMED BY THIS ESTEEMED ASSEMBLY(UN) in Paris, on tenth December 1984. We will as nicely remind this admired meeting that they swore to see this declaration universally protected.

This decision ‘217-An element’ states as follows:

Article 4= Nobody shall be held in slavery or servitude, slaves and the slave commerce shall be prohibited of their varieties. 


Article5= Nobody shall be subjected to torture or to merciless inhuman or degrading remedy or punishment. 

Article6= All are equal earlier than the legislation and are entitled with none discrimination to equal safety of the legislation.

Article7= All are entitled to the equal safety towards any discrimination in violation of this declaration and towards any incitement to such discrimination. 

In view of this and forthwith over the Nigerian President, Buhari’s unethical confrontation on Biafrans and IPOB chief, let the Nigerian Presidency be compelled to obey Court docket and UN Working Group’s orders, mandated to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and different a whole bunch of illegally detained Biafrans in a number of Nigerian detention services. Biafrans have dedicated no crime by agitating for his or her proper to self-determination. The UN ought to conduct a referendum for Biafrans as a solution to arrest the additional spilling of extra harmless Biafran blood.



Written by Household Writers Press Worldwide

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