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Twitter user says it’s better to financially empower 100 men than to empower 1000 women



A Twitter person has mentioned that it’s higher to financially empower 100 males than to empower 1000 girls. 

@Bqmbulu in his tweet opined that males are hypogamists (marry down), whereas girls do the precise reverse.

He additionally claimed that girls empowerment would not distribute wealth. See his tweets beneath……

“Courting smart, it is higher to empower 100 males financially than to empower 1000 girls. It is because males are hypogamists, ie, all of them marry down. Whereas girls do the precise reverse. Let’s clarify additional.

“On this case, 99% of these males will almost definitely decide girls who’re decrease than them on the monetary scale. A few of these girls might be broke & jobless & even from poverty-stricken properties.

“Thus we see that the person’s cash would not stick with him alone. He transfers his wealth to his lady & his in-laws.

“On the otherhand, 100% of these girls will aspire to accept males who’re richer than them. Whereas some are fortunate to get richer males, some get males who’re equally as wealthy as them & the remaining who could not get their first alternative typically keep single, wealthy & single.

“So we are able to say that the probabilities of these 1000 girls settling for a broke, jobless man & empowering him & his household is subsequent to zero.

“This is the reason I at all times say that there is not any honour in a lady’s love. Her love is at all times egocentric & self-seeking.

“To buttress additional, if you verify the listing of richest girls on this planet. Ladies who got here from nothing made the listing as a result of they have been beneficiaries of both divorce or inheritance from their late companions.

“Whereas that is by no means the case with the lads’s listing. Says quite a bit in regards to the gender that’s extra caring, selfless & sacrificial. Ladies empowerment would not distribute wealth.”

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