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YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Larger Number Of Igbos Care Less About Who Becomes Nigerian President



 YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Bigger Quantity Of Igbos Care Much less About Who Turns into Nigerian President I got here throughout a fairly laughable notion, contai…

 YORUBA PRESIDENCY: Bigger Quantity Of Igbos Care Much less About Who Turns into Nigerian President

I got here throughout a fairly laughable notion, contained within the strains of Kemi Olunloyo’s tweet on 4th March 2023. It reads;


“IGBO PEOPLE: Cease being bitter, energy shifted to a Yoruba man. Work with him. Nothing improper being a tribalist>>>We’ve tribes. There are extra Igbo children born in Lagos & SW than in Igboland as a result of Biafra struggle migration. One in every of them shall be a Governor/Prez sooner or later”. 

Kemi, to say that Igbos are bitter of a Yoruba president simply sounds much like a kind of perversed views I’ve largely heard from hateful folks that purposelessly detests the Igbo race. It’s within the household of different comical statements like, “Igbos are ritualist, Igbos are cash lovers, Igbos are drug sellers, and so forth”. Foolishly, individuals that carry these deformed views tends to depict that there no people from different tribes in Nigeria who’ve love for cash, have engaged in cash rituals, offers on medication or like your newest rant, have expressed some displease for the just lately concluded Nigerian choice they name election.

Kemi, like many different myopic characters who want to delve into bearing baseless malice or wish to drag individuals’s identify into pointless points, as a way to catch visitors for his or her Fb or Twitter stage, don’t idiot your self.

Kemi enable me remind to remind you that Igbos should not bittered and can by no means be, regardless of who turns into the president of Nigeria. Of all of the tribes in Nigeria, the Igbos are the one tribe that care much less about who turns into the president. This in fact is ensuing from the truth that, ‘regardless of who turns into the president, Igbo companies will nonetheless be booming in and all over the world’.

Did you suppose the Igbo individuals care about who guidelines or fails? To your shock, the reply is a giant ‘No!’ The Igbo will all the time proudly survive no matter ugly circumstance. So far as all people go to filling stations to purchase gasoline, go to markets to purchase meals, who cares? And if any do, it’s completely not the Igbo man or lady.


Kemi, you claimed to be a journalist, and you continue to suppose that Igbos are bitter of Yoruba presidency. Do you not analysis? In the event you by no means does, have you ever not additionally heard or seen how Igbos in Nigeria and around the world have stored excelling in all faces, regardless of the Nigerian authorities’s deliberate maltreatments? Of all of the tribes in Nigeria, which tribe would you examine with Igbos in anyway? Is it in expertise, entrepreneurial expertise, in growth or what?

Because the mentioned Nigeria independence, it is true that no Igbo man has been the president of Nigeria, but Igbos by no means went to struggle to be the president, they by no means protested to be the president. It’s even different tribes which might be all the time embittered at seeing how Igbos are succeeding in Nigeria, not minding how a lot they’re severally denied what’s rightfully theirs.

Incase you’re ignorant, remember that Igbos don’t want a president as chances are you’ll suppose, what they want is an enabling atmosphere the place their enterprise shall be thriving and booming, not one which burns down all their laborious works like Lagos and a few elements of the North.

Kemi, it is clear you possibly can now not cover your bitterness towards the Igbos. However, save your self the stress. Because the existence of Nigeria, no Igbo man has ever develop into the president. Nonetheless, Igbos are not directly ruling Nigeria as a result of, with out Igbos, there is no such thing as a Nigeria. If you understand this, I feel you may need peace.

Written by Obulose Chidiebere


Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi

For Household Writers Press Worldwide

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